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On behalf of all the staff that makes up this Area, I warmly welcome you to the Institute of Educational Research and Innovation (IERI) of the University of Oviedo.

IERI presents itself to the university community and society as a cross-cutting, interdisciplinary and inter-institutional Ecosystem of Research, Training and Educational Innovation. The virtual space in which it is located is designed to address such aspects without forgetting the transfer and dissemination of information, highlighting the edition of the Scientific Journal "Open Classroom".

Within the University Governance Team, IERI depends on the Vice-Rectorate of Research, and its mission is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of teaching through the methodological and didactic improvement of teachers. To this end, in the IERI is intended, on the one hand, to respond to the training demands of the different Departments, Faculties, Centers and Services of the University of Oviedo and, on the other hand, to promote the active participation and transfer of knowledge that in the field of research and educational innovation is carried out between the different teams and research groups inside and outside our institution contributing from its mission and action to the development of university social responsibility.

INIE aims to integrate academic, business, political and social-citizen cultures to respond to the emerging demands in the process of convergence and construction of the European Higher Education Area; improving Education from Innovation; the generation of knowledge from Research and Change Management from Continuous Improvement. The task is complex so its actual implementation will only be possible if it is addressed as a continuous and mutual learning process where everyone must collaborate. To achieve this goal the Institute of Educational Research and Innovation will build its vision from participation, commitment and inclusion for the development, deployment and implementation of actions to Learn to Learn, Learn to Learn Collaborate, Learn to Entrepreneurship, and Learn to Accept Change.

We invite you to consult the different sections of the website and to share your proposals, interests and concerns by contacting IERI.

Thank you for your time.

A cordial greeting,

Emilio Alvarez Arregui

Director of the Institute of Educational Research and Innovation (IERI)

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