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The Society, the University and Education, reinterpret their relationship throughout history based on the economic, social, structural, technological, political and functional conditions that occur, emerge and intertwine situationally and temporarily .

Today, in the face of ongoing changes in all areas, lifelong learning has become an inescapable benchmark for all individuals and organizations, in general and for professionals and students in Higher Education, in particular.

The growing demands and expectations of these groups at the University of Oviedo are being met from different vice-chancellors and areas. In the case of the Institute of Research and Educational Innovation we are designing and implementing a dynamic and flexible model of training that is the subject of a continuous review to adapt it, based on our possibilities, the needs, the circumstances, plaintiffs' expectations and the impact they have on users.

In the last three years, different training programmes have been launched and can be found in the General Programming and the menu of this website.

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